What Happens If You Mix Clorox Bleach and Windex in a Small Amount?

Mixing bleach and Windex releases toxic gases and produces toxic chemicals. S. C. Johnson & Sons, Inc. reports that one of the ingredients in Windex Original is ammonia. When ammonia and sodium hypochlorite, the primary ingredient in bleach are mixed, they produce chloramine vapor; there is also the potential for hydrazine formation. Experts recommend avoiding mixing these two solutions, even in small amounts.

The vapors produced through the chemical reaction of bleach and Windex attack the mucus membranes and eyes. The biggest danger is from inhaling the fumes. Once inside the lungs, they attack the tissue there as well. The potential for hydrazine formation depends on the concentration of ammonia in the mixture. Pure hydrazine is an explosive gas; however, this mixture produces an impure form that is able to create heat and spray the toxic mixture from the container.

Individuals experiencing exposure to these fumes need fresh air. If the individual is unconscious, the person discovering him should move him to fresh air and call for emergency help. Ventilation and time allows the gas to dissipate from a room after an accident. Adding large amounts of water to the mixture dilutes the concentration of toxic chemicals. Individuals responsible for cleaning the area need the protection of rubber gloves.