What Happens If You Miss Paying a Toll on the Illinois Tollway?

If you miss paying a toll on the Illinois Tollway and fail to pay the toll online or by mail within a 7-day grace period, a violation has occurred, and upon three violations within a 24-month period, a violation notice may be issued and fines assessed for the three unpaid tolls, according to the Illinois Tollway. If you have not paid the fines and tolls after being reminded three times, your driver’s license and license plate may be suspended.

The Illinois Tollway states that it understands that mistakes happen, such as when drivers find themselves in unattended toll plazas or inadvertently drive through an I-PASS lane when they do not possess I-PASSes. In such cases, drivers should note the location of the toll booth, proceed forward and pay the toll online or by mail within 7 days, states the Illinois Tollway.

To receive credit for paying the toll, you must identify the toll plaza by name or by the nearest mile marker and specify the date and time of the missed payment, the name of the registered owner of the vehicle, and the license plate state, number and type, explains IllinoisTollway.com. The site provides an online calculator to determine the required toll as well as a means for paying missed tolls online.