What Happens When a Man Takes Estroven?

When a man takes Estroven it will most likely act as a vitamin supplement with heart, blood sugar and nerve calming effects, as stated by Drugs.com. Estroven is an over-the-counter supplement developed for women.

As a nonprescription product, Estroven does not contain any true female hormones. This product is mainly a supplement containing B vitamins, calcium, selenium and other ingredients, such as black cohosh, magnolia bark, gingko biloba, soy isoflavenes and L-theanine.

The soy isoflavenes and other ingredients in Estroven do contain phytoestrogens. These chemicals mimic natural hormones found in a woman’s body and in a smaller amount in men’s bodies. Not much research has been done on the effect of these chemicals in men. However, a few studies found that phytoestrogens help improve blood flow in the male cardiovascular system. Male animal studies also found that phytoestrogens may help balance blood sugars but might decrease male fertility, as stated by The World’s Healthiest Foods.