What Happens If You Inhale Toxic Chemical Fumes?

When an individual inhales toxic chemical fumes, he or she is likely to experience difficulties in breathing, inflammation of lungs, pneumonia and swallowing problems, which can be life threatening. The most inhaled chemical fumes include chlorine gas, Grain and fertilizer dust, noxious fumes from pesticides and smoke.

Toxic chemical fumes that contain carbon monoxide and cyanide can cause the airways to swell, become irritated or even blocked, as stated by Drugs.com. This reaction inhibits oxygen from getting into the blood and eventually leads to respiratory failure.

Inhalation of toxic chemical fumes mostly happens when one is trapped in a burning structure or a building. Individuals that have inhaled toxic chemicals are likely to experience cough and hoarseness, cough up blood, have trouble breathing, headaches, abdominal pain and nausea, vision problems, fainting and soot in the nostrils.