What Happens at a Bar Mitzvah Service?

The Bar Mitzvah service marks the point where a boy transitions into adulthood. It includes a ceremonial reading of the Torah on the boy’s 13th birthday to signify that he is now viewed as a man. It also includes a party with eating and dancing.

A Bar Mitzvah can be viewed as two main sections: the reading and the celebration. The most important part of the ceremony, from a religious perspective, is the reading. For months prior to the ceremony, the boy practices studying the Torah with his rabbi. On the day of the ceremony, the boy stands before his friends, family and other members of the church and reads a passage from the Torah on his own. This signifies his accomplishments in studying the Torah and his ability to take on responsibilities similar to that of the other adults in the community.

The second part of the Bar Mitzvah is the celebration of the boy’s achievements. This can be handled in a variety of ways, though most celebrations consist of traditional party elements. Food is provided, either through a caterer or from the Bar Mitzvah boy’s family. Music is also present in the form of a live band or DJ so that the attendees can dance.