What Happens After the I-601A Waiver Is Approved?

When the I-601A waiver is approved, the applicant is required to leave the United States for the immigrant interview with U.S. consular officer. The waiver does not take effect until after he appears for the immigrant visa interview and he has left the United States.

After this waiver has been approved, the process assists in shortening the time that he is separated from immediate family members that are U.S. citizens. Along with appearing for the immigrant visa interview, a DOS consular officer must determine that he is admissible to the United States before the approved waiver can take effect. The Department of Homeland Security states that the applicant should not leave the United States until notified by the National Visa Center of the date and time of his scheduled immigrant visa interview. If he fails to appear for his scheduled immigrant visa interview, the DOS may cancel the application process.

Approved provisional waivers can be revoked if the DOS ends the immigrant visa application process, USCIS revokes the approved immigrant visa petition, the consular determines that he is inadmissible or if he attempts to re-enter the United States without being admitted. If his previously approved waiver is revoked, he may be able to file to wave certain grounds of inadmissibility.