What Happened to Mr. Salty Pretzels?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 4, 2020 8:51:22 PM ET

Mister Salty Pretzels were discontinued in the 1990s by Nabisco when they did not hit their sales target. The pretzel sticks and twists came in a blue, cereal-shaped box and were a favorite of consumers for roughly 30 years.

Kraft produces a "Handi-Snacks" version of Mister Salty pretzels that is found on the shelves of select grocers across the U.S. as of 2014. The product features individual lunch-size snack packs of shorter pretzel sticks and cheese dip. There is no word from Kraft on whether or not the success of the product could lead to a re-introduction of Mister Salty Pretzels.