What Happened to Justin on “Dog the Bounty Hunter?”

Justin Bihag was a cast member who starred in several episodes of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” between 2004 and 2009, and in 2007, he was involved in a collision that resulted in the partial amputation of his right leg. In 2014, Bihag sued A&E due to lack of compensation for televised appearances. As of 2015, he is focusing on a music career in reggae and R&B music.

Justin Bihag, co-star and nephew of leading star Duane “Dog” Chapman, appeared in at least 42 shows from seasons one to seven. In 2007, he was critically injured after his vehicle struck a tree in Lower Puna, Hawaii. His injuries resulted in the amputation of his right leg below his knee. After hospitalization, Bihag was arrested and charged with a DUI and driving without a license and insurance.

Allegations were made by Bihag in 2014 stating that Duane Chapman and the producers of the show owed him money for his appearances in the series. He claimed that he was only paid $28,000 over the course of his five-year career as a co-star. Bihag also claimed that producers took advantage of his leg injury and used it as a “promotional tool for the show,” according to court documents.

As of 2015, Bihag is focusing on his career as a music artist. His music is available on ReverbNation.com and is produced under the music label Bleezy World Entertainment.