What Happened to Beth Moore’s Son Michael?

Beth Moore’s son Michael was given back to his birth mother at the age of 11 after much prayer and contemplation. Even so, she still sees him regularly. After Moore and her husband Keith raised two daughters, they adopted a close friend’s 4-year-old son, and when the biological mother was able to raise Michael again, the Moore family gave him back.

Moore raised Michael as her own son for seven years. Giving the boy back to his birth mother was one of several trials she endured throughout her life. The adoption process was expounded upon in Moore’s book “Feathers for My Nest,” in which she explains how hard it was for her to give up Michael.

Moore suffered through abuse as a child, according to Joy magazine. The woman runs Living Proof Ministries, a group that encourages women to base their lives on Christian principles. Despite being raised by Christian parents, her struggles to free herself from bondage allowed her to form a different relationship with God.

Charisma magazine explains that the abuse happened from age 5 to the end of elementary school. In addition, Moore’s mother died of cancer, and she suffered through self-esteem problems as a teenager. All of these setbacks let Moore create her ministry for women based in Houston.