How Do You Hang a Mirror Over a Console Table?

A heavy mirror should be hung on wall studs above a console table, with the middle of the mirror about 60 to 62 inches above the floor. If the table is higher than 30 inches, however, the bottom of the mirror should be between 6 to 10 inches from the top of the table.

The most important thing when hanging a mirror is safety – making sure it is securely anchored on the wall. The supplies a person needs to do this job include wall anchors, screws, electric drill, level, pencil, measuring tape and a stud finder.

  1. Calculate and mark the location of the mirror
  2. Once the console table is in place, use a pencil and measuring tape to mark the position of the mirror on the wall. If the table is less than 30 inches tall, measure from the bottom of the floor up to about 60 inches and mark that spot for the middle of the mirror. Use a stud finder to determine if there are wall studs that can be useful.

  3. Mark the spot for the wall anchors and screws
  4. On the back of the mirror, measure from the center up to the hanging hooks. Use that measurement to mark an “x” on the wall for the anchors and screws. If there is a wall stud, use 2 1/2-inch wood screws. If not, use drywall anchors such as winged anchors or molly bolts. Use the level to ensure the screws are even.

  5. Hang the picture
  6. Securely attach heavy wire to the back of the mirror. Hang the wire over the screws and straighten the mirror if necessary.