What Are Halloween-Costume-Contest Criteria?

Maryland GovPics/CC-BY-2.0

Some criteria for a Halloween-costume contest could include creativity and how unique a costume is, along with how believable and realistic the costume looks. Often the person wearing the costume also gets into character to make the costume seem even more realistic. However, each Halloween-costume contest may establish its own criteria for judging.

To win a Halloween-costume contest, it is often a good idea to make a costume rather than buy one. Sometimes, costume contests require costumes being judged to be at least 50 percent homemade. Additionally, store-bought costumes are available to everyone, and someone else in the contest may end up wearing the same thing. Making a costume can be done by combining clothing and accessories, adding makeup or wigs, or even sewing a costume from scratch.

Many Halloween-costume contests are highly competitive, and often the best way to be noticed is to stand out. If possible, find out who won the contest the previous year. Don’t imitate the person’s costume; instead, just get an idea of what it takes to win that particular contest. Some online, Halloween-costume contests are judged not only on the costume but on how the costume was created and the story behind the creation of the costume.