What Is the Half-Life of Oxycodone?

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The half-life of one dose of oxycodone is an average of 3.51 hours, plus or minus 1.43 hours, according to Practical Pain Management. As Medscape explains, the half-life of a drug varies based on dosage and how it is delivered to the patient.

The half-life of oxycodone when contained in the drug Oxycontin is 4.5 hours, according to RxList. For the medication Roxicodone, also an oxycodone hydrochloric tablet, the half-life of is about 3.73 hours for a dosage of 5 milligram tablets, 3.55 hours for a dosage of 15 milligram tablets, 3.71 hours for 15 milligrams delivered as an oral solution and 3.85 hours for 30 milligram tablets.