What Are Some Halal Meat Distributors in the United States?

Some halal meat distributors in the United States include RW International, a large company that is U.S.-based and distributes both domestic and imported meats; Green Valley Meat Distributors, the biggest halal distributor for several cities in Texas; and Queens Halal Kitchen, a small wholesale company in Long Island City, New York. Halal meat distributors are companies that sell meat that has been slaughtered and processed according to Islamic guidelines.

RW International is based in Minnesota and distributes halal meat throughout the United States. However, many of its suppliers are actually from Australia or New Zealand. The meats it offers from domestic suppliers are beef and chicken. From Australia and New Zealand, it sells mutton, camel, beef, lamb and goat.

Green Valley Meat Distributors is a Texas-based wholesale company that provides meat chiefly to retail outfits in urban Texas. It distributes beef, chicken, goat and other meats to Houston, Austin, Dallas and surrounding areas. It also ships to customers outside of the state.

Queens Halal Kitchen is a restaurant supplier of halal meats serving the Long Island City, New York area. The company also specializes in meat packing and frozen foods. In addition to selling meat that meets halal guidelines, Queens Halal Kitchen also emphasizes that all meat it distributes is free of additives, such as artificial flavorings or emulsifiers.