What Is a H6 DMV Printout?

Oregon Department of Transportation/CC-BY 2.0

An H6 DMV printout is a 10-year driving record that can be obtained through a motor vehicle licensing authority. An H6 report is designed to detail the driver’s history of any accidents, moving violations and other important information.

Many driving reports that have to be obtained from the DMV, or department of motor vehicles, typically cover just a three-year span. However, an H6 report specifically offers a more comprehensive 10-year review of a particular driver’s history. The H6 report can offer lots of important information related to their driving history.

Besides recorded accidents, an H6 report may also detail their license status and whether or not they have been charged or convicted of a motor vehicle violation. The H6 report may also give important details about their physical characteristics, like sex, height and so on. One can also find out when the driver’s license was issued and the expiration date for the current license.

H6 reports are important documents that people may have to supply to employers, especially if they are undertaking any form of employment that requires them to drive a vehicle regularly. Employers, like taxicab companies, may want this information so they can be aware of a person’s official driving history before they allow them to operate a motor vehicle on a full-time basis.