Why Is Gucci so Expensive?

Catwalking / Contributor/Catwalking/Getty Images

The combined forces of design, production, marketing and desire all play a role in making Gucci items so expensive. Gucci is following the price increase trend like so many other high-end brands.

Gucci, and similar high-end designer companies, prices its clothing and accessories according to what it costs to make and sell each product. The process begins with the designers that create original items for the company. Designers want to get paid in accordance with the amount of time and effort they put in to each design project. Elite designers command top dollar.

Product manufacturing is the next area where Gucci spends money. The company pays for raw materials, manufacturing tools, labor and shipping to warehouses. As these costs rise, the company compensates by raising its prices.

Once the products are completed, Gucci must pay for advertising and marketing. This is needed in order to promote products to consumers. A lot of money is spent in this one area alone.

Consumer desire to own exclusive high-end fashionable products is another factor that determines how Gucci prices items. An increasing number of wealthy people around the world are willing and able to spend thousands of dollars to own anything made by Gucci.