How Do You Grow Sago Palms From Pups?

Sago palms from pups are little offshoots that grow at the base of the parent plant. They are easy to grow and the process includes picking or digging up the pups, preparing them and planting them. You need a trowel, shears, a container or tub, well-drained soil and water.

  1. Remove pups from the parent plant

    Remove pups from the parent sago palm. If the pups are small enough, you can just pop them off. Dig up larger pups using a trowel.

  2. Prepare the pups

    Once you remove the pups from the palm, trim off any leaves and roots still attached. Fill a tub or container with water and clean them. Allow them to soak for a week until they harden. Dry them out. Store them in a cool place until you plant them. They keep for several months.

  3. Plant the pups

    When planting the pups, use well-drained soil. If you are transferring them to a container, make sure the pot is twice the diameter of the pups. Press the pups halfway into the dirt. While the roots won’t develop if the pups are planted too shallow, they will rot if planted too deep. Water the newly planted pups thoroughly. After that, only water when the soil has almost dried out.