How Do You Grow a Jerry Curl?

To have a jerry curl hairstyle, which is also known as a jheri curl, use a softener to loosen the hair, and then perm the hair with a chemical solution to permanently curl it. The hairstyle requires daily maintenance to maintain it.

  1. Use softener

    Use a chemical softener to loosen the hair. This softener is often called rearranging cream. It uses pungent chemicals to cause naturally tight curls to hang loose.

  2. Perm hair with a chemical solution

    Set the loose hair on perm rods with a chemical solution to permanently curl it. The solution is a harsh mix of chemicals that causes the wearer’s natural hair to become extremely brittle and dry.

  3. Apply activator and moisturizer daily

    To maintain the jheri curl hairstyle, apply activator and heavy moisturizers to the hair every day. The activator is greasy and can stain clothing or anything else it comes into contact with.

  4. Wear a sleeping cap

    Wear a plastic cap on your head while sleeping to keep the hairstyle from drying out. Washing the hair cleanses it of the styling products and exposes the hair to the damage caused by the chemical process.

  5. Get touch ups

    As the hair grows out, return to the hair salon for touch-ups to maintain the jheri curl hairstyle.