What Is a Group of Grapes Called?

A group of grapes is commonly called a bunch or a cluster. Grapes are a type of berry with a similar texture to blueberries. There are approximately 60 different species of grapes and more than 8,000 varieties. Some varieties of grapes are seedless.

Grapes were brought to America from Spain in the 18th century. They come in many different colors, such as red, purple, yellow, black, blue, pink and green. Green grapes are often called “white grapes.” Another type of grape, known as the Concord grape, was cultivated in Concord, Mass. They are blue and have the ability to survive in colder climates, such as the Northeast. Grapes are a popular fruit used to make wine and it can take 2.5 pounds to produce one bottle of wine. When left in the sun, grapes become raisins, which are simply dried grapes.