What Is the Gross Vehicle Weight of a Ford F-250?

The gross vehicle weight of a Ford F-250 varies and is equal to the weight of the truck including any cargo and passengers. The curb weight of a Ford F-250, or the weight of the truck alone, ranges from 5,941 to 7,668 pounds.

The curb weight of the truck depends on the size of the engine, whether the truck is a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and the type of cab. Ford F-250 trucks have either a 6.2-liter engine or a heavier 6.7-liter engine. A two-wheel drive weighs less than a four-wheel drive. A truck with a regular cab is lighter than a truck with a SuperCab. Crew cab trucks are the heaviest. To determine the gross weight of a truck, add the weight of any passengers and cargo to the curb weight.