What Is GRIP Phone Protection?

GRIP phone protection is an extended warranty that Cell Brokerage, LLC offers for smartphones, mobile broadband devices and tablets, as of 2015. It covers accidental damage, loss, theft or malfunction after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. However, the policy doesn’t cover normal wear or purely cosmetic damage. The purchaser must buy the warranty at the same time as a handset or communication device from an authorized retailer.

GRIP warranties are also available for basic broadband devices, Apple devices, hotspots, jetpacks and HPCs. All warranties carry a monthly charge billed to a credit card on file, with the type of device insured determining the price. Smartphone plans cost approximately $9 per month, tablets and Apple devices cost $10 per month, and everything else costs around $5 per month, as of December 2015. Renewable annual plans are also available.

Customers may report claims online at CellBrokerage.com. In general, valid claims require the customer to pay a deductible before Cell Brokerage ships a replacement device. The customer must return the broken device to the company to avoid paying a salvage fee, which can cost up to the device’s retail value, in addition to the deductible. If the new device doesn’t work, the customer may return it for another replacement within 90 days at no cost. However, Cell Brokerage bills the customer for the value of the device if it determines the malfunction is his fault.

To cancel coverage, the customer must inform the company in writing if the phone or other device is no longer in use. Coverage is transferable to a new device if the customer hasn’t previously submitted a claim.