What Is Greer’s Goo?

Greer’s goo is a type of barrier cream used in the treatment of intertrigo. Its composition is a mixture containing nystatin powder, hydrocortisone powder and zinc oxide paste, states Medscape. Intertrigo, which is a skin rash, manifests as diaper rash in babies.

The exact composition of Greer’s goo is 4 million U of nystatin powder, 1.2 grams of hydrocortisone powder and 4 ounces of zinc oxide paste, according to Medscape. This formulation is applied as a protective moisture barrier for intertrigo. Usually, a thick coating of this mixture is used on the affected body part.

Intertrigo tends to appear near folds in different body parts, such as underneath the arms, under the breast, on inner thighs and on the buttocks. This type of skin rash can affect older people and infants alike. Some symptoms include irritated and itchy skin that may ooze a clear fluid, and causes include friction or rubbing at skin folds, heat or moisture, states WebMD. In infants, the rash usually affects the buttocks area due to factors such as wet diapers. A yeast or bacterial infection can also develop along with this rash.

The treatment for intertrigo is to keep the skin as dry and cool as possible. Exposing the affected skin to air is also helpful, and a rash that oozes can be treated with Burrow’s solution, notes Medscape.