Is “The Green Mile” Based on a True Story?

The 1999 film “The Green Mile” is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, which is not based on a true story. The novel centers around the Cold Mountain Penitentiary’s death row, which receives a new convict named John Coffey.

John Coffey is sentenced for the murder and rape of two young girls; however, the ward superintendent, Paul Edgecomb, finds out that Coffey has a supernatural power to heal. The Louisiana State Penitentiary inspired the novel’s setting, which had an electric chair installed in 1938. The film is set in 1935, before the installation of the electric chair in Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Movie makers changed the film’s setting from the novel’s original setting of 1932 to include the movie “Top Hat.” In the 1999 film, Michael Clarke Duncan plays the character John Coffey, and Tom Hanks stars as the character Paul Edgecomb.