What Grants Are Available for the Unemployed?

Some grants available for the unemployed include standard unemployment benefits, educational assistance and self-employment assistance, notes USA.gov. Recipients can sometimes also get special benefits if they are unemployed due to disability or on-the-job injuries, according to a federal government fact sheet on unemployment.

Workers are eligible for standard unemployment benefits when they are not at fault for losing their previous jobs, states USA.gov, Opportunity.gov and the United States Department of Labor. Each state manages its own unemployment benefit program, so some states have their own specific requirements. To apply for unemployment benefits, applicants must apply through their state’s unemployment insurance office. Unemployed people who are out of work while unemployment is high may also be eligible for extended benefits.

The government offers educational assistance grants to unemployed workers who want to further their education and job training. This grant is designed to help cover some of the costs associated with attending university, college, trade school or technical school. Unemployed workers can find information on the program on the Federal Student Aid website.

The U.S. Department of Labor assists unemployed workers who wish to become self-employed. These benefits are paid out as weekly allowances to help self-employed workers pay for their cost of living while they build up their businesses. Workers who became unemployed due to disability or on-the-job injuries may eligible for programs, such as disability insurance or worker’s compensation.