What Grades Are Considered Honor Roll?

rafael-castillo/CC-BY 2.0

Honor role typically is considered any grade point average that is over 3.5. out of 4. Some schools and universities may have variations to their honor roll system, though.

For instance, some schools utilize letter grades. They may also have two forms of honor roll. There may be a regular honor roll, as well as a distinguished honor roll or high honor roll.

For some schools that utilize letter grades, a student can only get honor roll if they have all As and Bs on their report card. If a higher honor roll designation exists, such as a distinguished honor roll or a high honor roll, the requirement may be for a student to have all As.

Other schools may designate their honor roll status based upon perimeters related to grade point averages on a 0 to 100 percentage scale. For instance, a common marker for honor roll is any non-weighted grade point average that is over 94 percent. Some honor roll systems stipulate further. For instance, they may require that despite the overall grade average, no individual grade can be lower than a certain value. For example, some honor roll systems may stipulate that no honor roll student can have a single grade that is marked below 85 percent.