How Does the Government Impact Our Daily Lives?

The government impacts lives daily by determining how each individual state, county and city operates. At each level of government, laws are created to ensure citizens follow rules and contribute to the community. The government has a direct influence on several aspects of life that include land use, property taxes, laws, education, health care and the living conditions within neighborhoods. The government also establishes and maintains numerous public services.

On a daily basis, the government impacts and regulates different services that include protection, electricity, health care, maintenance and water. The government, on a fundamental level, plays a role in how and when trash is disposed. Taxation is also a responsibility of the government that determines the amount of money citizens are allowed to keep as well as how much citizens must pay. This directly impacts the amount of money citizens have on a daily basis. The government has control over tax cuts and tax relief.

Health care is another responsibility of the government that impacts the lives of citizens daily. The government influences the FDA and other health care policies that affect insurance, medication and adjudication. The government indirectly decides medication affordability and drugs suitable for consumption. Legislation created by the government determines the legal amount of time employees are afforded when pregnant or sick.