What Are Google’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

Google has many notable strengths and weaknesses. Google’s biggest strengths include the indexing and ranking of more than 60 trillion different webpages. Google’s noteworthy weaknesses include “building products people want, rather than products Google staff enjoy,” according to the T-machine Organization.

Google is the largest and most favored search engine. It is difficult to locate weaknesses compared to competitors because it is the most extensive search engine available on the Web. Google’s capabilities are constantly evolving to accommodate the needs of users. One of the most useful features includes Google Images, in which users can locate the origin and different formats of almost any image. Google Drive is another useful feature that allows users to create different documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and then share them with other designated users.

Those who are not in favor of Google find this as an inconvenient feature because it is inaccessible to those who do not have Google accounts. Google also lacks international appeal in many communist countries like China and Russia. “Google’s main weakness is the company’s inability to have international control over the search engine market,” according to Digication Incorporated.

Other companies do not rival the intricate capabilities of Google as a search engine and overall company. Google’s strengths outweigh the few notable weaknesses users and critics may point out.