How Do Goodyear and Bridgestone Tires Compare?

Compared to Goodyear tires, Bridgestone tires offer improved fuel efficiency that amounts to significant savings in the long run. However, they provide less grip on roads. Goodyear tires are all-season, long-lasting and suitable on all types of roads. However, they are more expensive than Bridgestone tires.

Made by a Japanese manufacturer, Bridgestone offers different tire brands such as Blizzak, Potenza, Turanza and Duravis. These tires are designed to decrease internal friction, provide good traction and have quick response times. As a result, tires such as the Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 can help to save as much as 5 percent on fuel costs.

Goodyear, an American tire manufacturer, makes tires that have a stylish appearance and superior performance and that can be used in all types of road conditions. Goodyear guarantees the tires for 80,000 miles of use. The tires are suitable for luxury vehicles as well as for pickups, sport-utility vehicles and minivans.

Unlike Goodyear, Bridgestone offers consumers a Try and Buy guarantee for 30 days. The company also offers a 75,000 miles standard limited warranty.

Goodyear tires are slightly more expensive than Bridgestone tires. However, the company offers rebates for consumers who buy through stores within the company’s network or who use the Goodyear credit cards. Goodyear stores also offer vehicle repair and maintenance services.