What Are Some Good Waterproof Paints for Bathrooms?

The best paints for bathrooms are water-soluble acrylic paints that are resistant to moisture, peeling and mildew. Some top-rated examples, according to Consumer Reports, include Valspar Reserve Semi-Gloss, Clark+Kensington Semi-Gloss Enamel and Behr Premium Plus Semi-Gloss Enamel.

When painting a bathroom, look for water-soluble 100 percent acrylic latex paints that are moisture-resistant, peel-resistant and that contain additives to discourage mildew growth and help maintain a fresh appearance, notes ThisOldHouse.com.

Most paints come in one of the following sheens: flat, satin or eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss. When choosing a bathroom paint, look for satin or semi-gloss finishes as they are less prone to mildew growth than the more porous flat finish paints. They are also durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.

If painting a bathroom that has an existing mold or mildew issue, the spores must be eradicated before repainting or the problem will recur. Most industry experts recommend using a sponge to apply a 3:1 mixture of bleach and water on the walls and letting it dry completely before painting.

Although acrylic paint dries in one to six hours, always wait a minimum of 24 hours before running the shower or bathtub in a newly painted bathroom.

To preserve newly painted walls, open a window or run the bathroom fan for an hour after every shower or bath to clear steam from the room and reduce humidity.