What Is a Good Summary of “Pobre Ana” by Blaine Ray?

“Pobre Ana” tells the story of a California girl from a humble home who learns to appreciate her family after staying with a family in Mexico over the summer. Blaine Ray’s “Pobre Ana” is a common reading assignment for beginning Spanish students.

According to Amazon.com, Ana lives and goes to school in California. She lives in continual frustration with the restraints of her family’s small budget. She also has problems with each of the members of her family. Ana’s mother continually reproves her for seemingly trivial things. Her siblings continually take her things without her permission. And there is never anyone available to help her with her homework. Ana dreams of taking the first opportunity to get away from what she considers to be a dysfunctional home.

One day, Ana’s Spanish teacher tells her of a unique learning opportunity abroad. She is to stay with a family in Mexico in order to absorb the culture and language. Ana is excited. Initially, her father refuses to let her go out of concern for the costs of the trip. When Ana informs him that the school is paying for the trip, he accedes.

Ana immediately loves her hosts, the Sanchez family. They live in a more humble condition than her own family, but they are good-natured, kind and welcoming. By the end of the three months, Ana has obtained a greater appreciation for her life and family.