What Is a Good Substitute for Marjoram?

Andy Stewart London/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Basil, thyme, oregano and savory are all good substitutes for marjoram, according to Food.com. Marjoram is an herb of the mint family that has oval, 1-inch-long green leaves. The herb has a mild, sweet, oregano-like flavor.

Marjoram should be added near the end of cooking so that the heat does not destroy the herb’s delicate flavor. The herb is available year round. Wild marjoram is another name for oregano. Marjoram can be cooked with the following foods: carrots, chicken, corn, duck, eggs, fish, halibut, lamb chops, mushrooms, peas, pork chops, potatoes, rabbit, ravioli, salads, soups, spinach, squash, stuffings, tomatoes, tuna and zucchini. Marjoram can be used a substitute for mint, poultry seasoning, sage, savory and thyme.