What Are Some Good Spirit Week Ideas for a Homecoming Celebration?

Homecoming spirit week ideas include themed dress days, such as school color day and favorite sports team day. Music or trivia contests are also common. Some schools also engage in competitions for float designs and business window painting.

Other school spirit dress day themes include Hawaiian shirt day, pajama day, twin day, crazy hair day, celebrity day, superhero day and favorite colors day. Judging students and awarding prizes for who dresses the best each day helps motivate people to participate.

Lunchtime is a good opportunity to present trivia contests and singing contests that all students can watch. An activity that offers direct support and encouragement to athletes during spirit week is placing stickers and decals on the car windows of players.

Some schools promote altruism among their student population while celebrating school spirit through activities such as have a charity day or a volunteer day. Students can up to perform charitable acts for residents and businesses before, during or after school. Closely related is a green day, or a day of celebrating the environment. Students could plant new trees in honor of Homecoming or clean up garbage along a local roadside. These types of activities allow students to feel personal satisfaction while showcasing school spirit.