What Is a Good Side Dish With Spaghetti?

Dave Crosby/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Since spaghetti is a carbohydrate-laden, heavy dish, it requires a light salad or vegetable side dish. The side dish should not use the same ingredients that were used in the spaghetti or the spaghetti sauce.

Spaghetti is a crowd-pleaser, but it is not always easy for a cook to decide what to serve with it. While a cook cannot go wrong with serving garlic bread with spaghetti, there are many creative vegetable-based options for side dishes. Recommended vegetable side dishes for spaghetti include a warm beet salad with greens and almonds, braised eggplant and tomatoes and a traditional orange, olive and fennel salad. A cook maintains interest in the meal by not repeating ingredients; for example, if the spaghetti is served with tomato sauce, a braised eggplant tomato side dish is not a good option.