What Are Some Good Quotes for the Mother of the Groom?

Caiaimage/Chris Ryan/OJO+/Getty Images

During her speeches, the mother of the groom should appear humorous and down to earth, beginning her speech by discussing the beauty of the ceremony, and then transitioning into amusing family anecdotes and humorous observations. These include jokes about the priest taking too long, stories about the groom as a young man, and wry marital observations, such as claiming her own marriage has stayed together because of a vow that the first who leaves gets stuck with the kids.

Some of the quotes for the mother of the groom should be gracious about the ceremony, the bride and the bride’s family. She should thank everyone for coming to the ceremony, compliment the beauty of the ceremony and offer her gratitude to be joined to the family of the bride.

Many of her quotes should be wry and humorous. This includes augmenting her comment about the priest taking too long with stories about how children near her were asking in whispers if they could pay the priest to complete the ceremony. She should offer anecdotes about the groom, such as commenting on a time her son felt he was going to fail a middle school grade. An example of riffing on this theme is telling the audience about her attempt to comfort her son by saying he must stay positive and reporting his claim that he was absolutely positive he would fail the grade.