What Are Some Good Questions for Human Bingo?

Questions regarding interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes and experiences are all great categories for Human Bingo. The goal of Human Bingo is to break the ice and learn new things about the people you are with. Therefore, questions regarding family, friends, education and beliefs are also good options.

Human Bingo questions should be light and informative about the people you are with. Questions about favorite foods, pastimes, vacation destinations, board games and television shows can promote easy conversation.

In order to learn more about a person’s past, use questions that dig a little deeper. Ask about hometowns, siblings, education, childhood hobbies and parents. To learn more about a person’s current life, use questions that are relevant to today. Include questions about career, spouse, family, kids and pets.

Silly and fun questions are also very useful when breaking the ice. Questions about certain experiences are great for focusing on fun and learning interesting facts about a person. Some ideas for this type of question include asking if the person has ever lived on a farm, gotten a speeding ticket, won a contest, been roller skating or ridden a tandem bike.

Simple questions about appearance can also be useful for promoting quick conversations. Options for this category include questions regarding eye color, hair color, height and shoe size.