What Are Some Good Prayers for a 50th Wedding Anniversary?

Some good prayers for a 50th wedding anniversary include prayers that thank God for the many years the couple enjoyed together such as the “50th Anniversary Dinner Prayer,” the “Wedding Anniversary Prayer of Blessing” and the “Wedding Anniversary Prayer.” Prayers for a 50th wedding anniversary also should encourage the couple to continue to grow in patience and understanding and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures as they continue on life’s journey.

The “50th Anniversary Dinner Prayer” begins by stating that the group joined to celebrate the couple’s anniversary. Next, the prayer celebrates the many things that the couple accomplished during their many years of marriage. The prayer talks about the many challenges that the couple endured during their marriage but then recognizes that, through challenges, God sustained the couple’s marriage. This prayer ends by asking God to continue to protect the couple.

Another prayer for a 50th anniversary celebration is “Wedding Anniversary Prayer of Blessing.” This prayer recalls the day when the couple first married. It thanks God for sustaining the couple through the good and bad things that happened in life. The prayer asks God to increase the couple’s understanding of each other in future years and the poem quotes the Bible verse that likens a married couple to a single flesh. It goes on to ask that God allow the couple to remember the many positive attributes of love, including that love is not jealous and does not boast.

In “Wedding Anniversary Prayer,” the prayer wishes a blessing upon the married couple. The prayer asks that the couple receive joy and a deeper love. The prayer invokes blessings for the couple’s family. Finally, the prayer wishes that the couple ultimately finds happiness in heaven.