What Is a Good Prayer Before the Meal at a Wedding Reception?

The Church of Ancient Ways provides this example of a prayer before a wedding meal: “Let us pray, Heavenly Father. You have placed the earth and its fruit under our care so that by our efforts we may insure that all will share in the benefits of your creation. We ask that you bless this food and all those that are present here today, the families and friends, the hands who created this meal and also all those who are were unable to attend today. We also ask your blessing on bride and groom who have come to you this day to unite themselves to You in love and sacrament. All this we ask in your love. Amen.”

In a wedding where the bride and groom are of some religious orientation, a prayer is usually included before the meal at the reception. The clergyman is one person who says this prayer. Other options include a family member, a friend or a member of the bridal party. Most prayers of this nature not only thank God for the food and ability to share this special event together but also ask the Lord to bless the newlywed couple. It is also considered polite to bless those who prepared the meal. These prayers are called prayers of grace.