What Is a Good Poem for an Usher Anniversary?

InspirationalStories.com features Raymond A. Foss’s poem “Your Usher,” which honors the position of church usher, as the poet reflects on an usher he once knew. The poem is brief at only ten lines and could be easily read at an usher’s anniversary.

Written October 7, 2007, Foss’s “Your Usher” poem is a reflection on his acquaintance with Al Leavitt, an usher who had served Foss’s church for 62 years before stepping down from his position. “Your Usher” treats the position of usher respectably, emphasizing the joyous and rewarding experience such a post offers. According to FamousPoetsandPoems.com, Foss, born 1960, has written thousands of poems, most of which can be viewed online, including “Your Usher.”