What Are Good Organizational Skills?

Carolyn Barber/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

Job Interview and Career Guide define organizational skills as a set of skills that help a person to achieve her objectives in life. Good organizational skills include effective communication strategies, keenness to detail, ability to multitask, analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Organizational skills can be classified into physical, mental and time management organizational skills. Physical organizational skills include all the measures that make a person’s immediate surroundings neat and conducive to accomplishing tasks in a structured manner. Mental organizational skills consist of the skills that help an individual make sound decisions, prioritize and concentrate on the task to deliver high-quality, desirable results. A person needs good mental organizational skills to avoid distractions and confusions in the course of discharging her mandate. Good time management organizational skills involve keeping schedules, delegating duties and working within limited time frames to achieve a particular objective. A time-conscious person is usually results-oriented and meets strict deadlines.

Other organizational skills include the ability to work under little supervision, good interaction skills and the ability to make sound decisions quickly. Good organizational skills lead to success by making it easy to access important resources so that one can remain focused on the goal and hopefully achieve it.