What Is a Good Nautilus Workout Routine?

According to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, a good Nautilus workout routine is one that increases the workload progressively with every training session and alternates high-intensity workouts with periods of rest. Workouts should start with the largest muscle groups and proceed to the smaller ones, starting with hips, legs and torso, followed by working out the arms, waist, lower back and neck.

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility recommends performing one set of four to six exercises for the lower body, followed by one set of six to eight exercises for the upper body. Each exercise should be performed at a resistance level that allows eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise. Repetitions should be performed slowly, smoothly, with good form and with steady force. Once 12 repetitions have been reached on a given exercise, an additional 5 percent resistance should be added for the next workout. Training should be limited to three times a week, with records kept listing the date, number of repetitions and resistance level of each workout.

DailyBurn Tracker suggests using several Nautilus machines in a good Nautilus workout routine, including the leg press, leg extensions and leg curls for the lower body. The site also recommends the chest press, shoulder press, lat (latissimus dorsi) pulldowns, preacher curl and triceps extensions for the upper body, and seated cable rows and crunches for the core muscles.