What Are Some Good Names for Newsletters?

Some examples of good newsletter names are “Mentor Happenings,” “Animal Tales” and “Racing Trends.” A good newsletter name is catchy and reflects the mission of the publication. Newsletter names are also usually playful and are sometimes a play on words.

To choose a good name for a newsletter, it is necessary to keep in mind the niche and target market he is trying to reach. Going along with that, the next logical step is to define the purpose of the newsletter. Some points to consider are whether it will be used to give readers helpful tips or to inform them of industry news.

To come up with the title itself, one should make a list of keywords or phrases used to describe the newsletter. These words can then be used as a starting point to come up with a unique and catchy title. Normally the company name is not used in the title as this leads to one that is potentially dull and boring. Instead, incorporate the type of business into the title. For example, a water treatment company may have a newsletter entitled “Drips and Drops,” or an organic food company might choose one like “Fresh Thoughts.” Keep the title familiar and friendly, rather than overly official, since more people are likely to want to read it.