What Are Some Good Monologue Topics?

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Some monologue topics are employment, education, health and the environment. Using monologue topics that are general enough to have plenty to talk about is important, especially if given the task of having to make up a monologue, which is a common practice in speaking tests.

It is best to have a topic that can have numerous different sub-topics to branch off into. This way, there is never a shortage of things to talk about. By using employment as a monologue topic, for example, someone can talk about unemployment, volunteerism, alternative work lifestyles and community engagement. Other ideas for monologue discussion can include the subject of why people work, the issues of gender in the workplace, and so on.

Education is another strong monologue topic that can spread into many sub-topics. For instance, someone could talk about the quality of education in their country, how the state handles education as opposed to private institutions, what resources adults have to get educated, how people can receive their education through the Internet, and other possible topics.

Other great monologue topics can be about health, the environment, hobbies, younger generations, violence, technology, homelessness lifestyles, holidays, immigration, children, car accidents, tourism and elderly people. A monologue topic can also be inspired by a hypothetical situation, such as if the world had no electricity or what to do when winning the lottery.