What Are Some Good Instagram User Names?

Good Instagram user names include Turnip King, Ridge Runner, AmazingHuh, Greek-God and Orange Splash. More user names are Old Regret, Bearhugs, Tricky Mind, Sandbox and Foxface.

When choosing an Instagram name, it is important for the user to pick a name that represents her. The user name is often the first thing someone notices on an Instagram profile, so it should reflect the user’s interests and individuality. For example, someone interested in camping or outdoor activities might choose the user name “Wild Born.”

Basic user names, such as Doll or Jelly, may already be taken. Users can add dots, dashes, underscores or numbers to personalize a common user name. Using this method, Doll can become Do.ll, Doll_ or Doll866. Users can also add slight variants to the word, such as using a “0” instead of an “o” or altering spelling.

Alliteration is a great tool to use when creating an Instagram user name. Names like Lovely Lights, Kunning King, Marshmallow Man, Bean Basket and Smile Somewhat use alliteration to create catchy names that are easy to say and remember. Another tip is to use an adjective and a noun to create a user name, for example Tenacious Tiger. Possible ideas for nouns are the user’s name, favorite sports team, city or favorite artist.