What Are Some Good Ideas for Women’s Day Church Programs?

Some ideas for Women’s Day church programs include awareness activities to raise funds for a worthy cause and a book club. Woman might also enjoy participating in a group exercise program, a group birthday party or a fashion show night.

Awareness activities give women the opportunity to meet through the church in order to do positive work in the community. A variety of causes including cancer awareness afford women the opportunity to raise funds and interact in an entertaining way. These activities include planning the church’s own fundraising event or participating as a team in a number of charity fundraising activities run by third-party organizations.

A book club is another positive women’s group activity because women share in the enjoyment of reading and discussing a book. For exercise-related activities, women meet to work out to an exercise video together, or a group member leads an exercise session. Activities can also take place outdoors, such as a walk or hiking trip. Often, a social time follows the physical activity.

Birthday parties and fashion shows allow women to come together in a festive and highly social atmosphere. Fashion-themed activities often given women the option to bring accessories or other items to exchange with others. A fashion activity lends itself to a discussion of Christian beauty and the difference between the concepts of inner beauty and outer beauty. A birthday party theme lends itself to discussing the Christian concept of first and second birthdays and the idea of salvation.