What Are Some Good Ideas for a Wacky Wednesday?

Wacky Wednesday is inspired by the Dr. Seuss book of the same name. One way to celebrate it is to go wild with clothing. Tops and bottoms should not match, and plaids, stripes and prints should be mixed in crazy combination..

When dressing for Wacky Wednesday, one should choose colors that clash, such as orange paired with pink. A different style of shoe should be worn on each foot. Fasteners, such as buttons, should be connected incorrectly.

Inside-out clothing is appropriate for Wacky Wednesday, as is wearing underwear, such as boxers, on the outside. Hair can be styled outrageously, using hair paints, hair spray and mousse. Long hair is suitable for a combination braid and pigtail, while shorter hair can be teased into stiff, colorful hair sticking out all over the head.

The classroom can be laid out in zany ways. Furniture can be rearranged, and students may sit under desks. Items on the wall, such as pictures, posters and clocks, are inverted. The calendar should display the wrong day, month and year, and the alphabet should be shown running backwards. Colorful wrapping paper can replace traditional writing or art paper, and toilet paper can appear in the paper towel dispenser. A bouquet of bananas can be placed in a vase.

An appropriate activity is to assign new names for all students, or students can say or write their names backwards. Phrases can be mixed up. “Goodbye” can replace “good morning,” and “yes” and “no” can be reversed.