What Are Some Good Ideas for Survey Topics?

Depending on the intended purpose, surveys may be very focused results or created to get an array of generalized answers. Surveys created as part of a research project study are typically the most focused.

Regardless of the survey’s purpose, writing good questions is important in getting good answers. This starts with choosing the right types of questions. Common question types for research projects include multiple choice, yes or no, and true or false. Surveys designed to encourage engagement are more likely to include open-ended questions that let the respondents fill in the blanks. Picking good ideas for survey topics helps too. Keep topics centered on the personal experiences and lifestyle issues of respondents to encourage the most accurate responses.

Survey Questions About Extracurricular Activities or Hobbies Questions about extracurricular activities and hobbies are good survey questions to lead with because they encourage the respondent to reply on a topic that isn’t controversial. Instead, questions should be based on the respondent’s opinion, such as “Which sport is better, basketball or football?” or questions that only require a yes or no answer like “Do you play basketball?” This type of question puts people at ease and helps to slowly build trust between the person asking survey questions and the person answering.

Questions Asking for Descriptions of Personal Space Questions about personal space include queries about things like home recycling programs, favorite cleaning products and types of furniture in the home. These questions are popular with marketing firms trying to qualify potential customers in order to direct marketing efforts. These questions are also good, informal things to ask as part of getting to know respondents. Questions about things used in the home, study area or office are casual enough to be used in building trust as well as for marketing research.

Surveys About a Respondent’s Behavior in Stressful Situations Questions about how someone reacts and feels when stressful situations arise are popular topics for sociology research projects. This type of questions should be carefully phrased to encourage honest responses. People like to make themselves look good, noted mTAB. This applies to anonymous surveys as well as ones where respondents are asked to share their identity. Therefore, questions about how people react to situations that cause stress should be phrased in a positive language with a nonjudgmental tone.

Questions About Daily Habits Daily habits make a good survey topic for a sociological research project because they give researchers a glimpse into the routines that build a family’s or region’s culture. Asking about things like eating habits and the roles each family member plays in the home helps researchers find patterns and discover hidden truths about life in a specific place.

Surveys About Religious Beliefs Surveys about religious beliefs are popular among media outlet operators and sociologists looking for connections between religion and politics or other social issues. Religion can also be tied to social movements, cults and clans. This type of connection is easiest to see and prove through carefully prepared, nonjudgmental survey questions. As a survey topic, religious beliefs are popular among respondents because religion and emotion are connected, and some people enjoy sharing their views on faith-based topics, especially through anonymous surveys.