What Are Some Good Ideas for Miming?

Good ideas for mime exercises include mimicking the use of objects, walking in the mode of specific characters or types of people, role-playing actions and using the body to express emotions. Mime can be used in drama, improv and English as a foreign language classes. Its use allows people, particularly children, to be more confident and skilled in using their bodies and to learn to pay attention to non-verbal cues.

Object-based mime exercise ideas include pulling imaginary objects out of a box and miming their use and attempting to convey specific vocabulary words through the use of mime. This exercise can be carried further by having participants create a scene using imaginary objects.

Walking exercises allow students to use their whole bodies in conveying emotion. Students can be asked to walk as if they are on hot rocks, very tired, wearing heavy boots or wearing unstable high heels. They can also be asked to convey certain emotions or character traits through their style of walking.

Role-playing mime exercises are useful for students of a foreign language because if one person in a role-playing exercise is asked not to speak, it forces the other student to use more of the foreign language.