What Are Good Ideas for Items to Put in Gift Bags?

Depending on the event, gift bags can be altered to suit almost any occasion. Some easily customizable options for bags can be baked goods, candy, gift cards and tea bags.

The first thing to do when planning gift bags is to think about the environment of the event being held. Make sure to include anything that the guests may need once they have arrived at the venue.

If the event at which the gift bags are being given out at is held outdoors, plan to include some items that may be useful for a day spent in the sun. Think about including a baseball cap for gentlemen and a sun hat for women. A funky straw for beverages is another inexpensive but creative option.

For an event late at night, think about what your guests may want later on in the evening. Slide in an energy drink to ensure that your guests are up for a long night of fun, and a pair of ear plugs just in case.

Another angle to take on gift bags is to include some of the host’s favorite things. Guests coming to an event hosted by a good friend can enjoy a gift bag filled with a favorite candy, pair of sunglasses or drink mix.