What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Women Over 65?

Good hairstyles for women age 65 and older include soft bangs with a fullness at the crown and a length that hits the nape of the neck, as noted by Good Housekeeping. Another good hairstyle for women older than age 65 is a short, sexy bob.

Another way to take years off a woman’s appearance is by using the right kind of hair color, states Good Housekeeping. Incorporating highlights and lowlights into a hair color can frame the face and make a woman look years younger than those with a flat hair color. For example, women with blonde hair may benefit from using highlights around their faces.

Another hairstyle perfect for those age 65 and older incorporates short hair with side-swept bangs. This style adds volume to the top of the head, a place many women start losing their hair during and after menopause.

Creating a hairstyle that is angled in the front helps add definition to the jawline. Ask the hairdresser for a short bob with angled sides that come right to the jawline instead of just a short bob.

Women who want to hide aging eyebrows or forehead wrinkles can try eyebrow-skimming bangs and adding highlights around the face of almost any style will make the complexion appear more vibrant and healthy.