What Are Some Good Gifts for a 90-Year-Old?

Kathrin Ziegler/Taxi/Getty Images

Suggestions for a 90-year-old’s gift include keepsakes from the person’s youth, such as a CD or DVD with a childhood song or movie that the person loved or an item of clothing embroidered with a few words commemorating the milestone year. The words can be sentimental or humorous, depending on the personality of the 90-year-old and his relationship to the person giving the gift.

BirthdayGiftsandCelebrations.com recommends checking in, if possible, with the honoree to see if there is anything special that he needs or wants. Another idea is to cook a meal for the person. Many older people have dietary restrictions, so it’s important to be aware of the things they can and cannot eat before planning the meal. The meal can include special foods from the person’s past as well as current favorites.

If the gift is being sent from a long distance, BirthdayGiftsandCelebrations.com recommends making a video recording of family members or friends who each say a few words about the honoree. An easy way to make such a video is to have each person record his own greeting and send it via the Internet to the person delivering the gift. The greetings can then be combined into one video and burned onto a DVD or CD to be handed to the recipient.