What Is a Good Gift for a 37th Anniversary?

David Jakle/Image Source/Getty Images

A gift associated with the 37th wedding anniversary is any type of alabaster item. Alabaster comes from either calcite or gypsum material. Some alabaster gift ideas are an antique vase, set of lamps or artwork.

Some other popular alabaster items that are suitable for a gift include bottles, figurines, jewelry boxes and ornamental sculptures.

The term alabaster refers to two different mineral types: gypsum and calcite. Alabaster from gypsum sources is a type of sedimentary rock that is mined from quarries in areas of the world such as Belgium, Italy and Spain. Calcite comes from calcium carbonate and is referred to as Oriental alabaster.

The art of carving ornate sculptures and lamps dates back thousands of years. A lamp was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun, which dates back to 1356 B.C. Similarly, an alabaster bust from 3000 B.C. is on display in the Louvre.